Editing iPhone Photos

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Ah, the perfect iPhone photo. So necessary and desired, yet so elusive.

I recently upgraded my iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone XS Max. One of the main reasons I did was to get that stellar camera and portrait mode! As a photographer, I'm now used to the quality of photo that pops out of my full-frame DSLR camera (I'm currently using and loving the Canon 5D Mark IV). After I import my photos to Lightroom and make some adjustments, I have my light, bright, and airy style!

On a typical day, though, I'm not lugging around my small fortune of camera body and L-series lenses to grab a quick pic of my cat doing something amusing or of my perfectly shaped ice cream cone. It's just not practical.

Enter the iPhone XS Max plus Lightroom Mobile.

After reading an online article describing how to add your favorite Lightroom presets to the Lightroom Mobile app, I have been able to combine portrait mode on my iPhone with a similar (albeit slightly more limited) editing process to get the same light, bright, and airy look I love from my DSLR!

Time to seriously up my Instagram grid flow...

If great photos are important to you, I'd highly recommend pairing the iPhone's portrait mode with the Lightroom app to make all your quick-and-easy photography dreams come true! If you want to know my secret sauce for editing on your iPhone, just shoot me a message!


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