Lifestyle Newborn Sessions vs. Traditional, Posed Newborn Portraits

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

What in the world is a lifestyle newborn session, and how do you know if you want one?

First, let's compare traditional newborn portraits with lifestyle newborn images.

Traditional, posed newborn photos tend to focus on dressing your wee one in a wide variety of outfits, booties, and beanies. Baby is often placed into baskets, onto pillows, and around a variety of props and decor. Many photos involve bending baby into pose after pose, which is done most safely when baby is less than two weeks old and quite flexible. These newborn photos are SO adorable, and you can often get a wide variety of images from a photography session because so many different props, outfits, and poses are used.

Some of the most famous and notable newborn photographers use this approach. Industry leaders like Ana Brandt create gorgeous galleries of images using elaborate studio lighting setups, outfits, accessories, and props. Some new mommies really love this style of photography for their baby!

When photographing babies this way, I found that (in general) babies weren't thrilled with the gentle yet continued handling, dressing, undressing, redressing, and posing process. The images were ADORABLE, but for me, something was missing. See, the aspect of photography that I love the most and that means the most is capturing true-to-life images. Grabbing memories and keeping them forever. Showing love and laughter and joy and relationships. There is something so much more meaningful in looking back at a photo and feeling all the emotion of that moment all over again.

This is what lifestyle newborn photography is all about. It's remembering how you felt looking down at that little miracle in the crib. Holding your newborn's tiny toes in your hands. Kissing that soft, fuzzy little head. Smiling down at your sleeping sweetheart hand-in-hand with your spouse.

Lifestyle newborn photo sessions focus on the relationship between mom and baby, dad and baby, mom and dad and baby, siblings with baby, etc. I absolutely love capturing your sweet newborn in your home, nursery, living room, bedroom, etc. and having mom in on the memory-making process. And don't worry! There are PLENTY of photos with baby alone, but in general, there isn't a lot of posing or manipulation of baby to get these images. Since we aren't worried about the flexibility of your little one for posing, it isn't imperative that you schedule your session within the first two weeks of baby's birth. You can take your time recovering, loving on your little one, and adjusting to life with a newborn for as long as you'd like. (Of course you will want to schedule your session relatively soon so that you can remember just how teeny tiny your little miracle first was, but there's no rush! It's in YOUR time and comfort level.)

If you'd like to learn more about lifestyle newborn sessions, I'm always available to answer any questions you may have! Please contact me for more information or to schedule your session. In the meantime, please take a look at the Client Fit Guide and Gallery to see if you like the look of lifestyle newborn photography!


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