Surprise Engagement Session

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Wow. One of my favorite engagement photo sessions to date has to be this one right here. Nick contacted me and said that he wanted to set up a photo session for himself and his girlfriend, Nicole, to have some couple's portraits taken. With a twist... halfway through the session, he wanted to propose to her and catch it all on camera!

A couple of days before their engagement session was scheduled to take place, we drove out to a cool little spot near Folsom Lake (Folsom, CA). We planned out exactly where the proposal would take place, and came up with a master plan for how we were going to pull this off.

Meanwhile, Nicole had no idea what was about to take place. This was truly going to be a complete surprise since she thought they were just going to be taking some updated couple's photos.

Saturday arrived. We got to the location and started off with some portraits of Nicole by herself, and then got a few couple's photos with her and Nick together. We started at a beautiful spot overlooking Folsom Lake and started shooting.

We "casually" kept walking to another spot nearby, which was also the spot that we had scouted out for the proposal moment to happen. Just a few more couple's photos...

Then it was time. The moment we had planned. The moment that would change both of their lives forever and transition them from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancé and fiancée! I directed Nicole to look off into the distance as I grabbed a few shots over her shoulder. As I was doing so, Nick moved into position, and... well... you know the rest...

Best. Surprise. Ever.

Here's to a lifetime of happiness for these two! Thank you to Nick for trusting me to capture your surprise engagement session!

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