The Little Details Make a Big Impact

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Attention all wedding photographers!

This tiny topic comes power-packed with the potential to create a massive impact on your business and the quality of your work. And what is this magical topic?


Detail shots are a critical component of any wedding gallery, and most wedding photographers know this. It can be both fun and challenging to capture the sparkle of a ring, the bling on the high-heeled pumps, and the intricate lace detail on the wedding dress. But many photographers are missing high-quality, high-end detail shots in their finished galleries. It is easy to let these images slip through the cracks, but it is EVEN EASIER to massively boost the level of your end product with just a few killer detail shots.

Even if your client doesn't have a lot of details to shoot, you can still strategically capture detail shots that elevate your finished client gallery and give you beautiful images to blog and share on social media. (I mean, who doesn't love a good perfume bottle or wedding invitation lay flat in their Instagram feed... right?!)

So, here's what to do:

1. Ask your bride to prepare a "details bag" for you prior to the wedding day. She can include an invite, earrings, perfume, or anything that is important to her on her big day. Once you arrive to the venue or the getting ready room, the bride can provide you with her details bag so that you can grab those shots much more easily.

2. Prepare your own "kit" for capturing detail shots. Not every wedding will have amazing details to shoot, or many details for you to shoot at all! But you can make a huge impact with a few well-placed details if you prepare in advance. Grab a couple of styling boards from Etsy (like this one from BarkandBerry!) or make your own. Pack some pieces of ribbon, burlap, tulle, or any other fabric you love to place behind your details. Sometimes a few floral pieces or greenery can go a long way to add just a tiny bit of interest to a detail shot.

3. Make sure you have the gear to pull of a detail shot. Whether you choose to invest in a pro-quality macro lens, extension tubes, or another piece of equipment, make sure you have the right stuff to pull off the shot. I personally prefer to use my 50mm f1.2 and my macro lens for the vast majority of detail shots, but if I have the physical space to use my 85mm f1.2, then that is my preferred lens for detail shots!

4. Find the light! Make sure to shoot your detail shots by a nearby window or other light source to elevate the quality of your images. A dark, muddy detail shot just doesn't look good. If you can't find a window or don't have access to a flash, take your styling board outside to maximize available light! Detail shots are taken sooo close up that nobody will be able to tell where you are, as long as your backdrop looks nice!

5. Practice, practice, practice! Detail shots are some of the easiest to practice at home until you become comfortable with your particular set up. Even if you don't have fabulous details laying around, you can still practice to master the settings required to capture these kinds of images. So grab a cheapy fake engagement ring from Target, dust off an old perfume bottle, and start shooting!

Have questions on capturing the best detail shots possible? Shoot me an email at, and I'll do my best to help you out!


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